Thursday, December 7, 2017

ZebPay referral link

If you not trading in Bitcoins then its time for you to open your account immediately. Bitcoins breached the $16k mark and its on its way up. If you had invested money two months back in Bitcoins you would have by now doubled it. That is a cool 600% returns on your investment. So why wait get your bitcoin trading account now.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Google Tez refferal link

Google has launched a new app called Tez. It is google's version of  BHIM app introduced by the Government of India. As you know GoI gave up on the app even though it provided the user with instant payments across any bank account in the country. The app was introduced rather hastily and had lots of issues. Since it was a government organization not much effort was put to improve the app.

Now google has come up with its version of the BHIM app called TEZ. The hindi meaning of Tez meaning fast. Since google knows its very hard to change habit and make people use a new app it has started offering referral bonus of Rs.51 for every person entering the network. This bonus is not received if you directly download the app from the google store.

Use the link mentioned below to receive your bonus.

Tez refferral link

Moreover this is not the only bonus you get. You get scratch cards worth upto 1lakh daily and also 5 scratch cards worth 1000 every week.

After downloading you need to link it to your bank account. The phone number linked to the account should be the same on the phone and also you would require debit card to configure Tez app.

Hope this app catches up with people and is provided by all kirana stores. It does make digital payments possible without having to setup new infrastructure.

Please comment below if the above referral link was useful or need help to make your first transaction in tez. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Techniques for promoting your blog

One of the important things that you need to do for attracting traffic to your site is blog promotion. There are many sites such as


However such websites only help for a while. For better blog promotion these are things you must follow.

1. Comment on blogs: An easy way to give your blog a promotion is by commenting on other blogs. Each time you comment, enter the same name and URL in the corresponding fields in the blog comment form. This will increase the number of links to your sites. Comments on sites that attact a lot of traffic can be very useful to your blog

2. Post frequently: Frequent post can attract a lot of traffic. Newer posts always have higher traffic than the ones that are very old. New posts are detected by the search engines however once it is very old only posts that are very specific to a particular topic can attract the attention of search engines which is the main source of traffic to many websites.

3. Using Social Medium: websites like facebook, orkut, twitter etc can be a very good source of attacting traffic to your website. Posting some blogs in those websites and giving a link to your website can give a big boost to your site.

4. Guest blogs: Offer your services as a guest blogger for other blogs, particularly ones that get more traffic than yours does. Post a link to your site

5. Write Multiple Sites and Link Them Together: The more blogs or websites that you write, the more interlinking is possible. Make the sites having particular topics. That way it keeps readers intrested in a particular topic hooked to the site.